Noopept belongs to the family of drugs and supplements called nootropics. They are also known as brain boosters or smart drugs. These are used to increase the brain function and cognitive performance. The nootropics show increased effectiveness where creativity, memory, motivation and executive functions are concerned in the healthy individuals.

Benefits of Noopept

There is a list of health benefits associated with Noopept and these include;

Memory Enhancement.
Peak Improvement in physical performance.
Improves sleep making it better and more restful.
It enhances the growth of brain cells.
Improves the patterns of speech.
Enhances perception and learning processes.
Understanding Anxiety
Anxiety is a term which gets used for several disorders. The typical symptoms associated with stress include;

These anxiety symptoms have an impact on our mental state and dictate how one feels and behaves. Also, anxiety can manifest itself into physical symptoms also.


Noopept and Anxiety

Noopept has been effectively used as an anxiolytic. It has shown to address specific neurochemical causes which have been intimately associated with anxiousness in the brain.
Noopept has shown its effects by improving the mood, making one more relaxed and has substantially reduced the results that are caused by social anxiety and shyness.

How Noopept works to control anxiety

Anxiety is multifactorial and different factors are involved in causing stress. But the most common source leading to an anxious state is a deficiency of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), in the brain.
GABA is a neurotransmitter present in the brain. It is primarily an anti-anxiety neurotransmitter. It acts by having an inhibitory effect on our central nervous system.
In cases when GABA levels fall, the nerve cells become hyperactive. This results in the frequent transmission of the signals, whose intensity decided the grade of anxiety. Mild cases show nervousness and mental strain. Whereas severe cases can manifest as panic attacks, compulsive behavior, and even seizures.
In cases where GABA is average or slightly elevated, the patient is more relaxed and anxious free.

Blood-Brain Barrier

The Gaba neurotransmitter is present in the blood. Thus, to inhibit the anxiety signals that originate from within the brain, GABA must be able to leave the blood, cross the blood-brain barrier to enter into the mind. Sadly, GABA cannot do that.
Noopept is neurotropic that can cross this blood-brain barrier from the circulating blood. It then enters into the brain tissue thus effectively inhibiting the anxiety signals being generated there.
Also, Noopept also secretes higher levels of serotonin and dopamine in the cerebral cortex. Also, it has a longer half-life. This signifies that Noopept can be taken just once a day to be effective against anxiety.

Side Effects of Noopept

Noopept has been found to be a very well tolerated substance. As its half-life is not that long, usually mild side effects like a headache, irritability, GIT problems and mood swings may be encountered. But these are generally short-lived and disappear after some time.
Like any other drug or supplement, Noopept may show infrequent side effects that are usually seen in high Noopept dosage or based on an individual’s response to Noopept.
Change in appetite
Dissociation and disorganized thinking (brain fog)
Cognitive impairment
Mood swings
Memory impairment
Decline in motivation
Muscular aches and pains
Physical weakness
Rapid thinking
Disturbances in sleep
Changes in body temperature
Tingling sensations
Changes in weight
Visual changes

The dosage of Noopept for anxiety:

Daily recommended dose is around 10 to 30mg per day. But it can vary for every person.

How to take Noopept for anxiety

The best way is to make it is sublingually for faster effective blood absorption. Others might make it in a capsule.

Precautions when taking Noopept for anxiety:

It is vital that Noopept users should be careful as not to overdose themselves. Also, consult your doctor before starting Noopept if you suffer from any of the following conditions;

Under treatment for any mental illness.


Conclusively, it boils down to the mere fact – is it helping control your anxiety levels or are its benefits outweighed by its side effects. The result will be based on your experience. But overall, Noopept has proven to be an active anxiolytic drug, well tolerated by all users.


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