Noopept – What is it? 

Noopept is a nootropic that has its origin in Russia. This particular supplement is a product of the Russian based JSC LEKKO Pharmaceuticals company. Along with Russia, Noopept has gained popularity among the residents of the United States and other surrounding countries.
This particular nootropic supplement is known and used for enhancing an individual’s cognitive abilities to a great extent. It is the most commonly prescribed dietary and nootropic supplement in Russia, the United States, and various other countries.

The Workings of Noopept

When you consume Noopept, it gets absorbed into your gastrointestinal tract. From there, this nootropic supplement goes into your blood and makes its way towards your brain. Noopept can make this journey is a short span of time, say, 15 minutes.
When this drug reaches your brain, this nootropic supplement attaches itself to the glutamatergic AMPA. This is the receptor area which allows the glutamate to transfer from one brain cell to the other without any hindrance.

Hence, this shows how Noopept is a powerful nootropic supplement for enhancing cognitive abilities. By attaching itself to the glutamate, Noopept increases the functioning of the brain. This is mainly because glutamate is a very powerful neurotransmitter.
By boosting its movement by taking Noopept, you are also giving a boost to your cognitive workings.

Why Buy – The Benefits

As aforementioned, Noopept has created a lot of hype in the market. It is a nootropic supplement that is being recommended by doctors, and even the people are responding well to it.
So, should you buy?

Here is a list of reasons as to why you should consider purchasing:

It is a powerful nootropic supplement

Noopept was designed keeping in mind the various benefits that it will give to those people who will consume it. The scientists who produced Noopept made a nootropic supplement that is 1000 times more powerful than other nootropic supplements available in the market. Generally, Noopept is compared with Piracetam. However, Noopept is a “boosted-up” version of Piracetam. It contains all the advantages of Piracetam, but Noopept is much more powerful and effective in its delivery.

It boosts your memory

Noopept was initially designed to enhance the cognitive abilities of individuals. In Russia, it is still the most commonly prescribed nootropic supplement for cognitive enhancement. Also, Noopept has proven accurate on its claims as people are happy with its results.This particular substance does help with boosting your memory, consolidating it and retrieving it. Noopept has proven to be much more beneficial and robust as compared to other nootropic supplements, such as Piracetam.
However, in the United States, this is prescribed as a dietary supplement.

It protects your brain

 Scientists have conducted various studies on this specific Nootropic. Many of these studies have gone on to show how Noopept is an excellent substance for protecting your mind. Multiple studies have also demonstrated this pill to be useful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and brain strokes.

This nootropic is known to protect your brain by preventing:

Ionic dis-balance destroying free radicals and inflammatory cytokines counteracts with neurotrophin deficiency.


Noopept has become a favorite with doctors and the general public. People are pleased with the results. Also, many user-reviews also state how this wonderful supplement has helped them with various cognitive issues and mood problems.

  • Other Reasons for Buying


    More effective.

    Has more bio-availability, hence, absorbing into your blood faster.

    More potent.


    Memory retention

    Increase in learning speed

    Makes you more creative

    Improvement in verbal acuity


    Counters depression and anxiety

    Reduces irritability

    Enhances your mood


    Rise in neurotrophin levels

    Acts as an anti-oxidant


Summing Up

Noopept is a nootropic supplement that has gained in popularity due to its many benefits, which include:

  • Improve memory storage and recall

    Improve physical performance

    Aids in growing brain cells

    Improves sleep

    More energy

    Improves psychological performance

    Reduces anxiety


Although you may experience a slight headache and irritability initially, these cons will go away with time.
Noopept is available in many countries. However, there are “fake” sellers also present. Hence, it is recommended that you purchase it from online vendors. One such website selling Noopept is
Apart from this website, you may check other online sellers as well.


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